Strategy for an ageing population

Thanks for having your say

Thank you to everyone who had their say as part of our consultation on the draft strategy Better Later Life – He Oranga Kaumātua 2019 to 2034 for an ageing population.

Submissions have now closed, and from our observation of submissions received is that submitters are generally in agreement with the draft strategy.

The feedback received has been incredibly useful and there was a wide range of responses from around the country. We are currently at an early stage of analysing the submissions, and we aim to finalise the strategy later this year.

Regular updates on the development of the strategy will be available on this website and through our newsletters.

Draft strategy

The draft strategy, and a summary, Better Later Life - He Oranga Kaumātua 2019 to 2034, takes a fresh look at what we (meaning all New Zealanders) need to do to make sure that New Zealand embraces the opportunities that an ageing population and longetivity brings.

What's changing?

NZ's population is ageing

More older people living longer

Ageing workforce and more older workers

Our population is more diverse

Older people than other age groups to own their own homes, but this is dropping

The draft strategy

To read the draft strategy, a summary, and web accessible version of Better Later Life - He Oranga Kaumātua 2019 to 2034.

Cabinet papers

On 12 April 2019 the Minister for Seniors launched a draft strategy for New Zealand’s ageing population for public consultation. The Ministry of Social Development has released Cabinet papers and minutes that help to show how the draft strategy was developed.

Summary of submissions report

This report summarises what people told us was important and what the new strategy for an ageing population should cover. The report highlights the significant themes raise by submitters during the public consultation that occurred between June and August 2018.

For a different point of view

We have developed short snapshots on key topics:

We’ve asked some experts to tell us what they think that future looks like. We’ll be publishing these over the coming weeks. The following are available now:

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