About SuperSeniors

SuperSeniors is run by the Office for Seniors. It is a gateway to information on government services for anyone aged 65+.

For general information on finding and using government services:

Key Reports

Attitudes Towards Ageing

The first ever 'Attitudes Towards Ageing' survey shows a high level of respect for seniors.

But significant numbers of older people reported being socially isolated and higher numbers than that say they have at times felt invisible.

Attitudes Towards Ageing survey - initial findings

Longevity revolution

Around one in four New Zealanders will be aged 65-plus by 2036.

Age population over time 1996-2066

The Minister for Seniors

Minister Tracey Martin

The Honourable Tracey Martin is Minister for Seniors.

SuperSeniors Champions

Kate in front of bookcase

SuperSeniors Champions are well known New Zealanders who are outstanding advocates for an age friendly society.

The Office for Seniors

The Office for Seniors encourages New Zealanders of all ages to think about the ageing population, and it helps government and communities keep up-to-date with the needs of seniors.

The Ministry of Social Development

The Ministry of Social Development helps New Zealanders to help themselves to be safe, strong and independent. It offers a number of different services for seniors.