Get savvy about scams with Sorted

Start: 16 November 2017, 8:00pm. Finish: 16 November 2017, 8:30pm.

The Commission for Financial Capability is running an online chat on how to stay safe from scams over the silly season.

Sorted Live - Get savvy on scams

Resident fraud expert, Bronwyn Groot will talk about:

  • the size of the problem in New Zealand
  • the psychology and persuasion tactics used by scammers, and
  • 5 shopping tips to ensure you’re not the next victim.

Scammers come up with new and sophisticated methods to trick us into handing over our money or personal information. Whether you’ve been a victim of a scam in the past, or you want to prevent it from happening in the future, this live chat will get you savvy on scams.

Bring your questions along join conversation at 8pm on Thursday 16 November.

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