Cromwell granny Moya Twaddle, 82, gets first tattoo

08 October 2015.

An 82-year-old grandmother decided she needed cheering up when she walked into a Cromwell tattoo studio.Moya Twaddle had passed the newly opened Central Ink Tattoo Studio in Cromwell Mall several times, and something "drew her in", she said.

"I have been occupied with my husband - he has been pretty sick. I have felt a bit down in the dumps so I thought I would do something to cheer me up."

Her husband did not know she was getting a tattoo. In fact, she had not told anybody, she said.

"I just didn't think of it ... I'll tell (my husband) and he will probably say 'you silly woman'. It's not the sort of thing people had done when I was a young person. I just saw the shop and though it's something I have not done, I might as well give it a go."